Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Valued Patients of Taylor and Ratliff,

We want to inform our patients that we are closely monitoring the developing Coronavirus situation. Just as for you and your family we are making changes daily to change our practice and lives based on the newest state and federal regulations and guidelines.  That being said. We have been taking measures to maintain the safety of our patients and staff. We continue to practice universal precautions with personal protective equipment, hand washing before and after patient interaction and maintaining a clean hygienic waiting area.  Each patient area is wiped down with disinfectant wipes before and after each interaction with a solution known to kill not only the coronavirus but many other common viruses.  With this we ask for your help as well and will be implementing new policies to reflect the overall concerns.


  1. All patient will be screened by phone for cough, fever, and respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath. As well as recent out of the country travel and contact with persons who have tested positive for the virus.  Any that fit these criteria may be ask to change their appointments to a later date.
  2. Consultations:
    1. Patients under the age of 18: We ask that only one family member of consenting age (aka >18 years old) accompany the patient in the exam room.
    2. Patients over 18: We ask that no members of the family join the patient in the exam room. This does not include patients with dementia and who can otherwise not make medical decisions on their own.
  3. Surgical Patients:
    1. We ask that no members of the family come into the surgical room with the patient until ready for discharge from the office.
  4. We will attempt to practice social distancing in our waiting areas (>6 ft). If you do not wish to wait in the waiting room then waiting outside or in your car may be even better options. If you do wish to wait outside or in your car make sure to correspond with our front office to let them know that you have arrived and we will come get you from the car when your room is ready.
  5. No more than one family member per patient in our waiting room. If you would like to bring an extra family member or friend then we politely ask that they wait outside and/or in the car.
  6. We ask that all patients and escorts wash their hand on arrival to the office.
  7. In order to decrease our level of potential contaminates we have removed all of the magazines, coffee, and other “touch” items from the waiting room.
  8. We will be screening temperature for all patients and anyone exhibiting a high temperature will be rescheduled on a case by case basis.
  9. Employees at Taylor and Ratliff have been asked to stay home if any signs or symptoms of viral infection has occurred.
  10. ******VERY IMPORTANT****** If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and you are having a dental emergency, please contact our office by phone and we will guide you in the right direction and treat you in an appropriate location.


The health of all of our patients at Taylor and Ratliff is paramount.  The times are constantly changing and we will keep our policies fluid in a constant state of new information and guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation and as always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

For further information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links: